The PIRC is a unique conference experience designed to allow interaction from all members of the audience, the conference offers topic-led discussions from all segments of the property restoration industry. Simply put, there is no sitting in the back of the room listening to a speaker drone on. Audience members are encouraged to speak their mind about topics important to the industry. 

In this Ask the Expert video, PIRC organizer Jordan Hendler chats with R&R Editor-in-Chief Michelle Blevins about what the PIRC is, its mission, some of its members and volunteers' biggest achievements to date including creating some key definitions for the entire property damage restoration, and what's ahead for the PIRC in 2021.

Interested in attending? Their next event is fully virtual, happening on Thursday, Nov. 5 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST; it is open to anyone wanting to join! Click here to register.