The second installment of the industry start-up - Property Insurance & Restoration Conference (PIRC) – recently held its March meeting in Boston, Massachusetts beginning with an evening networking reception and followed by the next day meeting. Now available for industry review is the overall meeting “Recap” of the event. In this recap, the topics outlined in the agenda are given a summary of the discussions which took place. Those in attendance had positive sentiment for the future of the meetings’ capabilities to work toward the intended mission (outlined below).

Including a brief history of the conference’s start, and how it parallels the collision industry for capacity to affect change, the group looked at possibilities of “Best Practices” for various correlations to restoration processes. Talking through buzzing trend topics like Virtual Reality and Drones, the group also watched the collision industry version of implementing “smart home” technologies and what that means for the claims landscape if those technologies become more prevalent. The Drone technology also led to questions about privacy, both for that of the home or business owner in addition to the neighboring structures.

The participants wanted to capture the pain points and efficiency issues throughout each topic of the meeting, and hope to gain further momentum through PIRC at the exposure and potential addressment of each. Covering an opportunity to bring forward consumer experience videos, the group recognized that many industry consumers are “survey fatigued” but yet there are not very many useful insights coming from the traditional methods. It was obvious from the attendees that the conference needs to incorporate the customer experiences as the missing voice in the room.


The PIRC, unlike any other conference held in the restoration industry, is formatted to be interactive and discussion-based. Where most other conference attendees participate in learning-type environments, this format is meant to have topic-led discussions between all industry segments that lead to issue identification, transparency, and possible solutions where applicable.

The mission of “a forum where property insurance and restoration industry stakeholders come together for discussions, enhance understanding, heightening transparency, find common ground and communicate possible solutions and/or best practices to improve their industry” leads the way for a continual effort of getting industry issues the attention deserved in this important forum.