Restorers are invited to join the RIA and R&R at 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday, July 2, as a panel of pricing experts and restorers discuss takeaways from the first three industry briefings with Xactware CEO Mike Fulton, and where we go as an industry from here.

By attending this briefing, restorers will:

  • Learn key conversation points, based on facts stated from Fulton, to back their invoice pricing to adjusters, carriers, and third party administrators.
  • Know how to effectively influence Xactimate pricing in their market, including retail labor rates and others that may have previously been stagnant on Xactimate pricelists.
  • Learn how to become what Fulton calls Xactware’s “eyes and ears” in the industry, and the process of positioning pricing experts within each market that can fast-track information right to Xactware.

Panelists include:

Mark Springer | RIA President

Katie Smith | AGA Chairwoman

Ed Cross | Restoration Advocate

Ben Justesen | AGA Pricing Subcommittee Chair


Michelle Blevins | Editor-in-Chief, R&R

A Little Background

On Thursday, May 21, the Restoration Industry Association launched a series of very important, timely discussions between restorers and Xactware. Over the course of three separate Industry Briefings, RIA President Mark Springer, AGA Chairwoman Katie Smith, and Xactware CEO Mike Fulton engaged in critical discussions regarding Xactimate pricing and how to move forward, together, to create a more level and fair playing field for restoration contractors.

During these briefings, Fulton was asked to answer tough questions about key topics such as:

  • The accuracy of Xactimate pricing.
  • How pricing feedback is handled and how quickly.
  • Concerns that some rates appear to have been stagnant for years.
  • Adjusters and carriers refusing to budge from Xactimate pricelists, sometimes resulting in contractors being unfairly compensated for the work they perform.
  • The gender pay gap in restoration.

RIA members were also able to submit questions and engage in the briefings, getting real-time answers to some of the biggest challenges they face with pricing.

Now, it is time to move the conversations forward. The RIA’s Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee was created with the intention of creating a firm, well-educated, unrelenting voice for RIA members, and the restoration industry as a whole.

If you missed the previous conversations and want to catch up, click here to watch the previous segments. You will be required to login with your member credentials to view the video.

If you are not an active RIA member, join now to be part of this AGA movement as it continues to gain momentum in lobbying for our industry.