American Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the nation’s largest family-owned restoration company, began a rebranding campaign late last year that culminated in a re-designed website. Officially launched early April, the new website incorporates the company’s iconic “flag forward” logo and its strong red, white, blue and grey colors throughout the pages, establishing a definitive brand.

Unique to the industry, the homepage features a cutting edge, interactive "before" and "after" slider showcasing the impact of the damages as well as the repairs. The homepage also features a pop-up leading visitors to a dedicated COVID-19 landing page containing helpful resources including a webinar, downloadable brochure and e-book, and other pertinent information about the virus.

The website's mega-menu on the top navigation bar easily guides the visitor to the commercial or residential sections of the website. From there, the user can learn about ATI’s core services, the markets it serves and where to find a local office. Storytelling is woven throughout the site with video commentary, e-books, case studies and photo galleries, further validating ATI as the foremost expert in the restoration and reconstruction industry.

Important to the company’s founder and CEO, Gary Moore, the familial culture of the privately held company is displayed through narratives by its employees and photo montages. “I’m so proud of our revamped website,” said President Jeff Moore. “We have always been trailblazers in our industry, creating innovative ways to do things, and now this website offers us the platform to communicate what we do best with our clients and potential clients.”

Like all successful websites, there will be a phase II adding new pages and features in the coming months, including a Resource Library and Newsroom. To view the website, visit