Benefect®, a part of ICP Building Solutions Group (BSG), manufacturers of authentically botanical disinfectants and cleaners for the restoration and remediation industry, have launched a new and improved Benefect® website designed to help restoration contractors and homeowners find what they need with ease.

Having recently become a part of the ICP Group—a global leader in the manufacturing of high- performance professional products—Benefect® is now providing expanded value to customers as a leading brand operating under the ICP Group’s newly formed Environmental Restoration Group. The new group preserves market advantages of the industry-leading brands that comprise it while offering customers broader, more comprehensive, safe, high-performance solutions to environmental challenges. As part of this transition, the company’s website has been enhanced to ensure contractors and homeowners can find the same useful information previously available online while also benefiting from a refreshed design that has been optimized to provide intuitive anytime, anywhere mobile browsing access.

“As part of ICP Group’s Environmental Restoration Group, we’re able to work with other leading brands to help customers tackle the toughest remediation challenges more effectively than ever,” said Sam DeAth, president and founder of Benefect®, VP of the Environmental Restoration Group at ICP Building Solutions Group. “Our new website makes that message clear, and its revamped design will revitalize the way we communicate online with our stakeholders, partners and customers. We’re eager to share this new resource with all of them.”

The website’s upgraded Distributor Look-Up Tool makes it easy for anyone to find the distributor closest to them from any device. By simply entering location information, users will be provided with a list of distributors closest to them, along with directional information. The website also makes it simple for users to…

  • easily view on a mobile device,
  • find a distributor,
  • and access homeowner & contractor FAQ’s

More information on Benefect’s expanding value to customers as part of ICP Group’s Environmental Restoration Group can be found on the all-new website. See the redesign for yourself, find out about the group’s “Clean. Kill. Coat™” methodology and learn how Benefect’s authentically botanical disinfectant technology is playing an important role in safe restoration and remediation of the world’s toughest cleanup jobs.