At the beginning of May, an editorial blog post went up here on R&R regarding the question of whether to get a college degree, or to pursue a career in the trades. College degrees can be very expensive, and you have to put a great deal of thought into how lucrative your chosen line of study will be, especially if making money is one of your motivating factors for getting the degree in the first place. Making money is pretty important if you plan on paying off that college bill quickly. You can put yourself into quite a bit of debt in obtaining that degree, which, is sometimes worth it, sometimes, well... we can't count on the world ending before that bill becomes due, so you've got some planning to do. Any degree or training that you pay for has to be considered in terms of what you hope to get out of it. Will it be worth it?  We don't want to start out our adult lives in debt. This video is not about trades vs. college degree, but it does ask the question, how much debt do you want, and when is it worth it? Join Jeff Jones and kick the question around for a bit.

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