Editor's Note: Many restoration companies have call centers that field service calls after hours. However, what if customers had the ability to chat with "your company" right on your website? With customers increasingly hoping to connect with companies online, instead of picking up the phone, chat technology is increasing in popularity, and doesn't require a large investment. Check out the video above, and article below to learn more about the value this could bring to your restoration company!

Most customers of restoration and remediation businesses have an immediate need. Their situation is stressful, and they’d prefer to not wait any longer than absolutely necessary to address their situation. Because no one can predict when water or fire damage will occur or when mold is noticed, having a live website chat service can capture all potential customers 24 hours a day and significantly increase lead acquisition and customer retention.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Every customer wants to know they are being heard, especially when their home has a problem. It may matter less what time a service person can fix the water damage if a customer knows someone has heard their need and will resolve it as soon as possible. High-quality chat specialists work as an extension of your brand, meeting customers at your virtual front desk. Once a customer is ready to use your business, that chat specialist can connect them directly with your customer service representative.

Improve Customer Service

According to a recent study by Accenture Strategy, “Global Consumer Pulse Research,” 52 percent of the 24,489 customers they interviewed switched service providers in the past year due to poor customer service. For many businesses, relying on their current customer service strategy is simply not enough. Customer service representatives can only successfully handle so much. If you want your customer service reps to do their best, don’t expect them to take phone calls and answer chats at the same time.

Twenty-four hours a day, chat specialists will represent your brand, increase engagement and convert leads. Restoration and remediation websites experience a significant increase in leads when they include chat specialists. If your average ticket is $400, you’ll see an immediate return on investment when a chat specialist converts a lead to a customer.

Save Time and Money

Every customer is looking for the most convenient way to solve his or her problem. Chat specialists save you and your customers time. Customers can connect with your business immediately, 24 hours a day. Your customer service reps will be freed up to handle the most urgent calls and address current customers.

Chat services are more affordable than you think. Even just one lead captured by a chat specialist after-hours could earn enough money to pay for the chat service itself. Whether you’re a small, family-owned business or a national corporation, chat services can be scaled to meet your needs. U.S.-based, English-speaking chat specialists are just as affordable as outsourced poorer quality services, but have a significantly higher return on investment.

Show Your Business Really Cares

Providing high-quality customer service should be one of your top goals. Your next job and future referrals may be dependent on your current customers’ experiences. Your place among your competitors may depend on how hard you work to earn and keep customers.

A website chat service demonstrates your dedication to excellent customer service, no matter who the customer is. If a customer is particularly busy and has to address their home’s issues while they are at work, a live chat service allows them to continue working while communicating with the chat specialist. For customers who are hearing impaired, a live website chat shows them you truly care about customer service and can serve them without limitations.

Build Your Business

Website chat services strengthen your brand, extend your customer service reach and convert leads anytime day or night. If restoration and remediation businesses want to save money and remain competitive, a website chat service is the way to go.