Jon-Don, a leading national distributor of supplies, equipment, and training to professional contractors and in-house service providers in the disaster restoration, carpet and flooring maintenance, janitorial, and concrete surface prep and polishing segments, has added the ProKure®1 System to its extensive line of deodorization and disinfection products for professional remediators.

ProKure®1 is the only patented chlorine dioxide (ClO2) system designed for restoration professionals. This easy-to-deploy, environmentally friendly system can be used in any size facility, anywhere. It’s fast and effective and leaves no harmful residue.

“The ProKure®1 System is a game-changer for the restoration and disaster recovery industry,” said Kyle Marchewka, Restoration Product Manager for Jon-Don. “At Jon-Don, we’re always looking to connect our customers with the best technology in the industry to help them reduce costs and improve results. The ProKure®1 System is a great way for restoration professionals increase profits, become more attractive to adjusters, and lock in a competitive edge.”

The ProKure1 System is a 3-part system consisting of packets, plastics, and protocols. The formula packets include ProKure V, an EPA-registered liquid deodorizer, disinfectant and fungicide that kills bacteria, viruses*, mold, and odor-causing bacteria, and ProKure G, a water-activated deodorizing vapor that controls odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, and chemical odors in confined, unoccupied spaces.

“Imagine being able to convert a smoking room at a hotel or treat fire damage odors in a 600,000-square-foot facility in less than 24 hours,” said Ken Bezar, Large Loss Specialist at ProKure®1. “With ProKure®1, restoration professionals can dramatically improve their disinfection clearance rates or deodorization results while reducing labor hours and equipment needs. We’re excited to work with Jon-Don to help restoration professionals complete a wider range of work more profitably.”

To learn more about ProKure®1 products and accessories at Jon-Don, visit or call 800-556-6366.

*See EPA labels and User Guide for full instructions.