When disaster strikes—whether it’s a fire, flood, or fierce winds—Giertsen Company uses its 100 years of experience to return homes and commercial buildings to their original state. Founded in Minneapolis, MN in 1918 and now operated by the fourth generation of the Giertsen family, the company has built a national reputation as the go-to partner for handling restorations from beginning to end.

Since Walter D. Giertsen started the company as a glass restoration business, it has shown a knack for providing high-quality reconstruction after all manner of disasters. The business tackles residential and commercial projects of any size and complexity, working around the clock after an emergency and tirelessly until it completes the restoration.

Now with offices also in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida, Giertsen Company is owned by three brothers— Rick Jr, Kevin, and Drew. Together, they continue to pursue their family tradition of excellence, attentive customer service, and getting the job done right.

“We feel proud as fourth-generation leaders to carry on the legacy of quality,” says Kevin Giertsen. “There have been so many great customers that have stuck with us through the generations. We have served our clients well and want to continue that tradition.”

This legacy starts in 1918 with founder Walter D. Giertsen, whose company replaced storefront glass for downtown businesses. From its early days, Giertsen enjoyed a reputation for excellent work that fueled its growth into restoring buildings after fire, water, or wind damage. Soon residential customers were calling, as did schools, office buildings, and other commercial properties in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the rapidly growing suburbs.

Giertsen leaders across the decades have a knack for evolving the business to fit changing times and demands. Throughout the decades, Giertsen restoration projects grew larger and more varied, and it expanded to help after other natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, and other significant storms occurred. It became a recommended contractor for insurance companies, commercial property businesses, multi-family housing owners, and more, thanks to its commitment to quality and constant communication with clients. Today, Giertsen does about 40 percent residential and 60 percent commercial projects, including storm damage recovery, large-scale tenant improvement projects, and insurance repairs.

Most recently, their entrepreneurism has inspired them to create a new division, Giertsen Exteriors, which expands into exterior renovation work across the Midwest to accommodate the growing needs of their customers. “This diversification has been the key to our success”, says Drew Giertsen. “So is the company’s commitment to doing everything in its power to make all processes go smoothly, keeping in mind the stress and trauma that customers experience during various aspects of all projects and restoration emergencies. We also understand having a good foundation for any new endeavor is an integral part of achievement and longevity.”

An essential part of that process involves the company’s best kept secret: more than 100 specialized and experienced employees. Average tenure at Giertsen is 10 years and it’s not unusual for employees to have been with the company for 20 to 35 years and have a son, or daughter, or sibling who now work at Giertsen, too.

“When people come to work with us, they tend to stay with us,” says Kevin Giertsen. “They like being part of something that’s multigenerational, consistent, and with a solid organization that stands the test of time. It’s exciting to look forward to the next century!”