Aramsco recently announced that they have acquired Midwest Rental Service.

 “The acquisition of Midwest Rental Service provides us with a significant opportunity to better serve our customers,” said Rich Salerno, CEO of Aramsco. “We can now offer an integrated rental solution for a broad range of equipment. In addition to providing rental equipment, Midwest Rental Service further differentiates itself through its understanding of the industry and what is required to ‘get the job done’ during large-scale restoration events.”

Midwest Rental Service provides rental equipment for professional restoration and remediation contractors throughout the United States. They specialize in understanding the technical requirements each job demands, and are able to deploy equipment in volume to jobsites.

“We’ve worked with Aramsco for some time now and have always been impressed with their organization. We’re really excited about this merging of our capabilities and the benefits it provides to our customers,” said Kenny Cochran, president of Midwest Rental Service.

Steven Jaffe, CFO of Aramsco added, “Our goal is to provide the services our customers’ need, when they need it, and where they need it. Midwest Rental Service aligns perfectly with our service philosophy by not only expanding our rental offerings, but also sharing our vision of what customer service means.”

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