Restoration Warrior Weekend is for companies that are looking for a deep dive on leadership, sales, marketing and operations. Tim Bauer and O.P. Almaraz from Allied Restoration/Restoration Mastery/R&R's Marketing Minute have been hosting these events for the last few years and their clients have seen massive increases and steps forward. This special weekend will be Aug. 26-27 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, Calif.
Here's what you can expect after Restoration Warrior Weekend:
  • you’ll know what’s been holding you back from achieving your greatest goals. (The company moves at the pace of the leader!)
  • you’ll be able to dial in your mission, core values and direction. (Without a vision, people perish)
  • you’ll better understand your ideal client and how to attract them. (Who’s your true Avatar?)
  • you’ll learn how to get work from other sources, not just “Program work”. (End the rat race)
  • you’ll learn how to create a Core Story presentation that has earned us millions of dollars in business and brand equity. (It’s not about the donuts and cookies anymore).
  • you’ll learn how to increase your bottom line profit. (It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much you keep).
  • you’ll be completely charged up with passion and enthusiasm for where you’re headed. (Create a united culture that will produce more leaders).
  • you’ll learn how to create Raving Fans vs just satisfied customers. (A satisfied customer will leave you, a Raving fan is for life).
  • you’ll have a binder filled with resources that will help you grow your business, decrease your expenses and engage your team. (Create weekly meetings to keep your company on track).
  • you’ll be prepared to scale your business up to 10x over the next 5 years. (Put in the work to finally get the results you’re looking for).

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