Be the reason a child gains hope. Be the reason a child is reminded they are special. Be the reason a child forgets hunger and finds comfort from the kindness of a stranger. Receive virtue in expecting nothing in return.

During the school year, underprivileged children are provided needed meals at school. During the summer months, though, many of these same children will go hungry.

At The 2017 Violand Executive Summit, Violand Management and Restoring Kindness are asking you to help children in need. If you are one of the 150 restoration and cleaning owners, managers, or staff attending the Summit, or are still planning to register, please bring non-perishable food items, toiletries, clothing, or toys with you. We will deliver these donations to children in need within the Canton, Ohio community. If you are flying in and can't bring something with you, please consider donating by other means during the June 15 reception.

If you are unable to attend the Summit this year, we encourage you to donate in your own community. Get your company behind the Restoring Kindness movement. Contact Jocelyn Dornfeld at and she will provide you with Restoring Kindness cards to hand out with your donations, inspiring others to pay it forward. Send her pictures of your company's donations and become a moment within the movement on the Restoring Kindness Facebook page. Kindness is in short supply. Let now be the time you bring comfort to a child who cannot possibly repay you, and together you will experience the greatest joy of all, kindness.

The Violand Executive Summit

June 15-16 Canton, Ohio - $1,195 first participant and $795 each additional. There are 12 full-day professional and business courses to choose from in conjunction with The Corporate University at Kent State Stark.

Click here  for the brochure and registration or call +1 800 360 3513 to register.