Shurtape Technologies, LLC, a leading producer of pressure-sensitive tapes, is expanding its online learning resource to include tips for choosing and using tapes in the abatement/restoration, paint and stucco industries.

Content, written by Shurtape’s product management team, will focus on application techniques, job site know-how and other industry-related topics that contractors may find useful to getting the job done quickly and efficiently – topics like how  environment can impact the performance of containment tapes, whether paint needs to be  dry to remove painter’s tape, and  qualities to look for in stucco tapes.

“Shurtape has provided contractors with quality and innovative tape solutions for decades and now we’re providing a space online where they can learn more about how to effectively select and use the adhesives that are so critical to their jobs,” said Laura Pierce, senior marketing communications manager at Shurtape.

The site, which launched in mid-2016, will continue to deliver content for the HVAC and Packaging industries. It will also continue to serve as the online home of Shurtape’s  Mission: HVAC and  Mission: Packaging programs, which challenge students to complete a series of themed missions related to their areas of study and report their findings via blog posts for a reward of $5,000 each to put toward their educational costs.

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