EagleView®, the leading provider of aerial imagery and data analytics for government and commercial industries, is proud to announce the acquisition of OmniEarth, developer of machine learning technologies and decision-making tools for the water resource management, energy and insurance markets. With this acquisition, EagleView gains OmniEarth’s machine learning capabilities, resulting in higher accuracy and precision of existing automated datasets.

OmniEarth’s ability to extract data from geospatial imagery will enhance EagleView’s property reports and Pictometry® imagery classification of land areas such as impervious surfaces or irrigated farmland. It will also better identify roof shape and condition, tree overhang, decks, pools and other notable property features.

“We’re excited to welcome OmniEarth’s strong research-oriented management team, who will add to the innovative work that we’re doing at EagleView,” said EagleView President Rishi Daga. “This acquisition aligns perfectly with our mission of transforming industries by providing answers and saving time and money.”  

Water authorities and government agencies rely on the water resource management tools from OmniEarth to determine budgeting and water cost savings for individual parcels as well as identify the overuse or abuse of water. Like EagleView, OmniEarth also supports the insurance underwriting market through its property feature identification capabilities.

“By gaining access to EagleView’s world-class Pictometry image library and product infrastructure, the OmniEarth team will be able to accelerate its development of advanced analytic solutions,” said Lars Dyrud, President and CEO of OmniEarth. “EagleView and OmniEarth have a shared goal of problem-solving and will be able to work together to achieve that vision.”

The acquisition gives EagleView opportunities to offer additional property data solutions for roof rating, virtual inspection, vegetation mapping, impervious surface mapping, solar suitability, and insurance prefill.

“OnmiEarth’s machine learning capabilities will create new opportunities for EagleView to use our imagery and property measurements to create a large prefill database,” said Frank Giuffrida, EagleView’s Executive Vice President of Engineering. “Additionally, marrying our high-resolution imagery and existing technologies with this machine learning system will help us accelerate our product development in existing markets as well as enter into new markets.”

EagleView is enthusiastic that the OmniEarth technologies will accelerate time-to-market on new product enhancements and greatly improve customer workflow capabilities. These innovations align with EagleView’s goals of capturing more frequent, higher-resolution imagery that covers more physical area and scaling through automation.