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From IAQ Radio:

This week on  IAQ Radio we welcome Ken Larsen, CR, WLS, CSDS for Part 3 of our Industry Education and Certification series. Jim Pemberton joined us on 9-23-16 for Part 1 and Lisa Wagner joined us on 10-7-16 for Part 2. This week we wrap things up with Ken Larsen. Also joining us for the round up will be Restoration Industry Global Watchdog, Pete Consigli. LEARN MORE this week on IAQ Radio! 

Ken Larsen, CR, WLS, CSDS has been in the restoration industry since 1978. He holds RIA,ACAC and IICRC advanced designations. His career includes 18 years as an independent property restoration contractor, consultant to restorative drying during catastrophes and large loss drying coordination, expert witness, Director of Education for North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, and now the author of one of the industry’s leading technical resource book on the subject of structural restorative drying – Leadership in Restorative Drying.

He is currently an IICRC Approved instructor of WRT, ASD and CDS certificate courses. Larsen is also a RIA instructor of the restoration industry’s advanced certification credentials: Water Loss Specialist (WLS) and Certified Restorer (CR). He serves as Chairman for RIA approved Instructors, Trainers and Subject Matter Experts, a sub-committee of RIA’s Education Committee. Larsen presently serves as Senior Technical Director for the International Dry Standard Organization (IDSO) and Director of Education for the Restoration Leadership Institute (RLI) and lead consultant for the Restoration Expert Panel (REP). Ken lives with his wife Barbie (yes – really!) in Santa Rosa Beach in Northwest Florida. He can be contacted at .