After much anticipation, the first Property Insurance & Restoration Conference (PIRC) concluded with success its inaugural meeting in Chicago, Il. at the DoubleTree Magnificent Mile on Oct. 4.
With the primary goal to confirm the industry desire to push forward on the forum, the attendees pushed through the agenda of assessing the conceptive mission, vision, and future meeting format.

PIRC is purposefully intended to be a meeting of open dialogue and a place to resolve industry friction points. In an effort to have beginnings to future solutions, both restorer and insurer white papers were presented, giving opportunities to establish the working committees for the promulgation of work products to give minimally transparency or even documentation of best practices. Also important is the capacity of the meeting to bring forth emerging trends of the industry to the forefront.

PIRC was openly moderated by PIRC administrators Jordan Hendler and Jeff Hendler, longtime conference organizers in the paralleling collision repair industry. After giving background of their 40-year endeavor into improving the lives of all those in the collision repair industry, they gave the synopsis of findings they have encountered for the advancement of this conference and the hope for an overall better restoration industry using the tested format.

Rather than traditional speaker-learning conferences, this is an industry forum for discussion of what the various industry segments would like to see as common-ground solutions for the betterment of their entire industry. Future meeting dates are yet to be announced.