Since the crime scene cleanup industry began in the 1990s, many Spanish-speaking people in the restoration industry have been locked out of this opportunity due to the fact that there was no training and certification available in Spanish.
Whether you call it bio-recovery, forensic cleaning, trauma scene cleaning, or crime scene cleanup, Hispanic business owners and workers in the restoration industry have been locked out of proper training and certification because of language barriers.
Amdecon now provides a solution to that problem for the restoration industry.
The Amdecon Online Crime Scene Cleanup course is now available in Mexican Spanish for those in the restoration industry.
There are two versions available: One with business discussions for owners and management personnel and one without business discussions for employees who will be technicians only.
Both courses qualify for two (2) Continuing Education Credits with the IICRC.
Mr. Tillman has trained and certified people in every English speaking country in the world but has not been able to help millions of Hispanic people in the United States until now.
Hispanic people who are hearing impaired may also receive certification through this course. The ability to hear is not required to complete this course.