The mission of Response Team 1 reflects the essence of what the company does – getting life back to normal quickly and correctly for its property restoration and disaster loss recovery customers. Fulfilling this goal began in 2010, when Response Team 1 was founded by Chairman and CEO John Goense and Vice Chairman Erik Bloom.

“Our goal from the start was to build an industry-leading company through acquisitions of small to midsize companies with market-leading positions, and by providing superior customer service, creating operating efficiencies and driving organic growth,” said Goense.

Today, Response Team 1 serves 20 major markets from 30 strategic locations nationwide – making it the second largest residential and commercial property restoration and multifamily renovation company in the country.

Response Team 1’s revenue from 2011 to 2014 increased by 1,339 percent, making it the ninth fastest growing construction company in America and in the top 20 of all Chicago metro area firms, according to Inc. Magazine.  Over the last three years, Response Team 1 has added 560 employees to the RT1 team.

“Our ability to expand – like many construction companies – is dependent on maintaining a consistent, high quality workforce,” said Goense. “It’s one of the biggest hurdles for a business like Response Team 1.”

Response Team 1 also found success by implementing a project management role specialization system that differentiates them from competitors.

For many restoration firms, one person handles a variety of tasks. For example, the sales person and the estimator may be the same person; or one may find an individual who both estimates and manages the project. This standard approach can become an issue if the person is not as proficient in one area versus another.

Response Team 1’s approach involves a team environment system with separate roles to make managing a project more effective. This spoke and hub management system features a project coordinator as the hub and the estimator and three to four project managers as the spokes. This model provides for more effective communication with the client and insurance company and enhances customer service and efficiency.

“A restoration team with specialized functions can lead to better project management, better communication with the client and customer, an efficient claims process, and restoration to pre-loss conditions while minimizing interruption, relocation and down-time,” said Goense.

Another important aspect of Response Team 1’s growth is in the use of technology to manage equipment and workflow, and for adjusters to accurately streamline their claims handling.

Whether it’s smart phones, laptops or tablets, this technology allows estimators to use software to add status updates, obtain photos, record voice notes and obtain structural dimensions.

“Our vision for the future of the company is to serve most major markets in the U.S., while maintaining the highest standard for service quality and integrity,” Goense added.

Armed with these successful business strategies that are implemented by a team of experienced, industry experts, the company is poised for continued growth.