The phrase “there’s an app for that” has finally entered into our playing field. For those of us who are always looking for an excuse to use our mobile devices, the options to calculate moisture content are here. 
Wagner Meters recently launched a free wood moisture mobile app that is an easy-to-use EMC calculator. The app provides solutions and additional information on common moisture-related problems. Manuals and other moisture related resources can also be accessed no matter what type of mobile device you are using.
For those working with concrete, the RHSpec app gives flooring installers, general contractors and spec providers immediate access to the latest relative humidity (RH%) thresholds for flooring adhesives, coatings, finished floor products or remediation products. This app is available for both the Android systems and iOS systems.
Extensive product information can be found by using a 4-step process:
  1. Select product type
  2. Select manufacturer
  3. Select product
  4. Get product info
When you select “Get product info”, a link will be provided that navigates you directly to the manufacturer’s website. Extra information and recommendations on testing procedures for specific products are available, along with information that will verify slab conditions prior to reinstalling flooring, recommendations on which tests should be performed, and recommended drying times of specific materials.
Cutting edge equipment that provides accurate information and troubleshoots moisture problems doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.
Now that sophisticated technology has become more accessible and more user-friendly, restoration professionals can invest in devices they can count on with accurate documentation, while finding peace of mind in knowing they can limit their risk from liability issues.