On the morning of October 10, 2014, a dust collector fire broke out at the F.C. Dadson, Greenville, WI manufacturing facility, resulting in significant smoke and soot damage throughout the 60,000 square-foot fabrication and finished product shop, as well as the 9,000 square-foot office area.

Travis Dudovick, Estimator, Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Southeast and Fox Valley Wisconsin, arrived on scene while firefighters were still dousing the flames and clearing the building for safe oxygen levels and re-occupancy. After meeting with the insurance adjuster and formulating a plan for the smoke, fire and soot loss, Paul Davis was given the OK to begin restoration work.

The plan called for the immediate dispatch of a night shift crew that would serve as cleanup and restoration technicians and focus on emergency services in the office space while also completing work in the production area.

The production and shipment rooms were some of the most important areas of work since a large order was scheduled for shipment the day the fire occurred. However, the product had an odor issue that needed to be mitigated prior to shipment. Taking a creative approach to utilize what the existing building had to offer, a 53-foot semi-trailer was delivered to be docked at one of the many shipping stations. The trailer was immediately put to use as a controlled ozone chamber where multiple batches of completed products were processed, deodorized, sanitized and shipped upon passing inspection. The order was completed on time and without delay.

Just 48 hours after the fire was extinguished, crews had the business and facilities back to full use and working capacity with only the remaining odor remediation to be completed in other low-use areas of the business and in various raw materials. The odor work included utilizing highly-sophisticated equipment which changes the molecular structure of carbon atoms associated with soot, smoke and fire. Also, emergency services and cleanup included using industrial-sized air scrubbers, which served as a portable filtration system and efficiently helped to improve indoor air quality and remove odor-causing gas molecules and microscopic particles in the air. The deodorization process was completed during the following two weeks on night shifts convenient to the staff so as to not disrupt critical daily operations. 

Ultimately, the entire structure was restored from the floor up with key objectives completed in remediating the smoke odor and fire damage while enhancing the functionality and appearance of all structural and interior environments.

 Throughout the project, Paul Davis’ estimators and project managers worked with the business owners and management team, along with the insurance adjuster to restore and rebuild the space and bring the entire structure back to pre-loss condition.