EagleView Technologies and Pictometry International, a newly merged company providing leading technology specializing in high-resolution aerial photography, automated 3D measurement technologies and overall software solutions, announced that Rapid Access™ technology has been engaged for recent catastrophic storm events in Oklahoma and Texas as well as wildfires in Wisconsin, according to a press release. 

Servicing government agencies, commercial insurance carriers and restoration contractors, the company is able to gather post-event imagery within days of an event for disaster recovery support. In addition to Pictometry image capture, EagleView reporting services can also provide rapid reporting for structural restoration with exact measurements for claim completion. 

“The ability to capture images and provide structural reporting is essential for rapid recovery after a catastrophic event,” stated Chris Barrow, CEO and president of EagleView Technologies and Pictometry International.  “We are committed to flying every major storm event and having images available directly afterward. We are focused on constant development of improved aerial image capture, leading-edge software solutions and the fastest and most scalable operations available today.” 

In response to the devastating tornados that swept through Oklahoma this week, Cleveland County, OK is currently being flown and photographed to assist the county crews with assessing property damage. Additional areas of the state will also be flown as part of the Rapid Access program.   In the case of the Texas tornados and hail events, two Texas counties are in progress:  Hood and Johnson.  These counties are adjacent to the cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth; key areas consistently hit with major hail events.  

“We are committed to offering the largest historical database of aerial imagery and measurement data along with the fastest post-event turnaround available,” noted Rishi Daga, executive vice president of commercial sales.  “We understand that for government agencies, commercial restoration and claim resolution it is critical in helping home and business owners recover quickly from catastrophic events.” 

For more information, visit www.eagleview.com or www.pictometry.com.