David Bethea, president of Rainbow International, was the recipient of the prestigious Don Dwyer Award of Excellence announced during The Dwyer Group annual Reunion June 19-23, 2010 in San Antonio. The award recognizes accomplishments across all spectrums of respect and achievement. It is a unique award to the organization in that it recognizes dedication, loyalty and promotion of The Dwyer Group Code of Values. Employees, franchisees, master licensees and vendors are eligible.

Reunion is a festive event designed to bring the many concepts of The Dwyer Group together for updates, inspirational speakers, informative business-specific classes and, most importantly, fellowship amongst the thousands of gifted and dedicated individuals that own and operate their own franchise.

The award is the namesake of Don Dwyer, who began what would become The Dwyer Group in 1981 when he developed Rainbow International.

For Bethea, the award represents the most meaningful recognition and achievement in his long and distinguished career. Bethea joined The Dwyer Group in 1994 when he first met Dwyer, where he worked until 1998. After a three-year stint with another organization, Bethea returned in 2001 as Vice President of Franchise Support. Shortly thereafter he was named president of Rainbow International, the title he holds today. Bethea is also Vice President of International Relations for The Dwyer Group.

“I was honored to share the night with the hundreds of hard-working and entrepreneurial franchise owners from all concepts of The Dwyer Group,” Bethea said. “When my name was called for the Don Dwyer Award of Excellence I was the most surprised person in the room. It’s been a true blessing to be a member of this team all these years and having an individual I admire and cherish in Dina Dwyer-Owens call me onstage for this recognition made a fantastic night even better.”

“I told the audience right before announcing David as the award recipient that his presence in our office and our family in 1994, when my father passed away, was the calming and reassuring effect we needed during a turbulent time,” said Dwyer-Owens, CEO and Chairperson of The Dwyer Group. “David is the rock-steady hand we need in his position yet manages to effortlessly blend steadfast fortitude with a tender kindness that makes him approachable and sincere to all our associates.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Don Dwyer before his untimely passing and am humbled to receive this recognition bearing his name. I can attest to the fact that his spirit and dream live on in his family and the group of companies for which they and so many other wonderful people work,” Bethea added. “This is the most meaningful recognition, from the most outstanding people, in honor and memory of the most exceptional man I’ve had the pleasure to know.”