With many areas of the country being vulnerable to hurricane, tropical storm and flood damage, it is essential that your water restoration equipment be up to the challenge – especially your dehumidifiers.

No matter what model dehumidifier you use (and no matter where you purchased it from), you can rest assured that Jon-Don’s service department can handle it. You can depend on us as your full service dehumidifier repair center.

Many suppliers offer limited dehumidifier repairs, but Jon-Don is one of the few that is also refrigeration certified. We work on compressors and recharge units ourselves, and even perform preventative maintenance procedures. We can clean coil assemblies, comb cooling fans, clean purge systems, and inspect and test the unit for proper operation. While other repair centers have to send equipment out to a third party, we can do it all in-house. We’ve even repaired dehumidifiers for the competition!

Another thing that makes Jon-Don’s dehumidifier repair service truly unique is our quick turnaround time on all repairs. In other repair centers, you just get added to a list, but Jon-Don understands the urgency of the situation when your equipment is down – especially in emergency restoration work. We are dedicated to repairing your equipment quickly so you can get it back out into the field making money. In most cases, repairs are done within 48 hours! Call your local Jon-Don at 1-800-556-6366 for more information.

Jon-Don is a leading distributor in a $23 billion industry.  From education and marketing materials to equipment and chemicals, Jon-Don has an extensive product and service offering for fire and water restoration contractors, carpet cleaning professionals and building service contractors. Since 1978, Jon-Don has strategically expanded its distribution centers and stores to better serve its customers nationwide. For more information, call 1-800-556-6366 or visit us online at www.jondon.com.