JUNEAU, Wis - Preliminary flood damage totals for Dodge County are $37.7 million and rising as residents and business owners continue to tally damages from last week’s flooding. 

Amy Nehls, Dodge County Emergency Management deputy director, said the numbers were the latest to be forwarded to the Federal Emergency Management Association on Thursday.

“Right now, we are working on a disaster recovery system with FEMA. Now that we have been declared a federal disaster, it’s important for people to understand that although they’ve registered their damage totals with the county, they still need to register with FEMA,” Nehls said.

Throughout Dodge County, inspectors recorded minor damage to 101 residences and accounted for 10 homes that were destroyed by floodwaters for a total $6.2 million in residential damage.

Two Dodge County businesses were destroyed, while another 17 experienced minor flood damage for a total of $1.38 million in damages.

Taking the biggest hit in damages dollar-wise were farmers. Nehls said farmers recorded damage to more than 45,000 acres of cropland for a total loss of $29 million. The crops hardest hit were corn and soybeans.

Local governments tallied more than $4,000 in cleanup measures and $400,000 on protective measures, including overtime paid to employees assisting during the flooding. Repairs to road systems tallied another $586,000.

“On Monday, we will begin touring with FEMA officials to look at damages to the public sector, including washed out roadways,” Nehls said.

Last week, Dodge County joined more than a dozen counties in Wisconsin in being declared a federal disaster area, said Dodge County Emergency Management Director Joe Meagher.