SACRAMENTO, CA --     Cleaning and restoration firms from California, Nevada and Arizona have come together to form the Cleaning and Restoration Association (CRA), a tri-state association that will allow its members to gain access to services, educational and networking opportunities throughout the cleaning and restoration industry.

”The CRA will create venues for advancing the knowledge and professionalism of the cleaning and restoration industry,” said Jim Holland, one of the CRA’s founding members.

Members of the CRA will be provided services that give them an advantage in their industry. Through training programs and online services, CRA members will have the opportunity to network and share information that will support and enhance their business. Member benefits will include educational programs, community involvement and public relations opportunities, leadership opportunities, quarterly publications announcing educational opportunities and informative articles, supplier discounts and reduced rates for conventions and school participation.

”Our goal is to help promote professional standards in the arts and sciences of the cleaning and restoration industry, “ Holland said. “Also, we hope to educate the public in the uses of and improvements in the industry.”

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