November 3, 2008 – VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification ANSI-approved S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation is now available. The new reference guide, which provides updates to the standard originally released in 2003, will help cleaning professionals continue to provide high-quality service utilizing the latest techniques and technology.

“There has been a recent push for legislatures to develop laws and guidelines that protect consumers who use mold remediation services,” said Dan Bernazzani, Chair of the IICRC’s Government Affairs Committee. “The S520 standard provides professionals with a guide for meeting certification standards while advancing the IICRC’s mission to enhance the quality, value and service offered to consumers.”

As mold has become a growing issue for consumers, especially those living in damp climates and in hurricane-prone areas, a number of states have either passed laws or are considering actions (such as Maryland) aimed at protecting consumer interests. During Florida’s 2008 legislative session, legislators passed a law that regulates and licenses providers of home inspection services, mold remediation services and mold assessment services. The law is the first time that Florida mold remediation and inspection companies face state-level regulation, and will require all mold assessors and remediators to meet certain requirements starting in July 2010.

Kentucky’s Senate is considering a bill to regulate mold remediation using the general principles outlined in the S520 standard. And, New York’s legislature is working on a bill for the next legislative session that will set statewide standards for mold remediation.

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