February 21, 2008 - LAKE FOREST, CA -- Bluebook International Inc. announced today that Bob Dowdell has joined the company as advisory council chairman.

Dowdell is the former CEO of Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, a supplier of local building cost information, residential and commercial property valuation technology and services for the property and casualty insurance sector in the U.S. and Canada. During his tenure there he transformed the organization from paper-based publishing companies to “knowledge companies” that provide a wide variety of services to the property insurance, appraisal, and assessment industries.

Mark Josipovich, Bluebook CEO, said, “We are very pleased to have Bob join us in this capacity. He brings a level of experience and vision to our team that will be especially valuable in our goal to deliver ever more accurate, sophisticated risk management applications and to meet demand for our products and services with our distribution partners and insurance clients.”

The charter of the Bluebook Advisory Council is both to provide the company with strategic guidance as it addresses today’s rapidly increasing demand for its current products and services and to assist in defining the next generation of risk management applications of Bluebook data to meet the demands of the Insurance and Mortgage Lending industries.

Dowdell stated, “I am really pleased to join Bluebook and am very excited about the opportunities for the application of their unique data and software applications to produce ever more accurate, risk specific solutions and services for both the insurance and mortgage lending sectors. Bluebook’s property data solutions provide a foundation for a whole new range of risk identification analyses for property insurers. The unique information sets that Bluebook has will enable carriers to better determine appropriate coverage amounts directly, without the laborious efforts that were required in the past.”