IICRC Certified Firms Collaborate for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 17, 2007 – In the fall of 2006, IICRC Certified Firms and technicians participated in the ABC hit show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Over the course of several rainy days in November, they came together to help rebuild the dreams of former marine Jason Thomas, the man who pulled two Port Authority police officers out of the World Trade Center and on who a character in the movie “World Trade Center” is based.

M/I Homes, the builder leading the project, originally recruited Dianne Kehler of Remedics Restoration to help quickly dry the new structure’s drywall. Given the short time frame of building a home for the show, processes that normally take between two and three days must be completed in a matter of hours. With very little notice, Kehler took on the challenge to help another person in his time of need and to help the builder, with whom she has a long-standing business relationship.

"Given the complexities of the challenge, time of year, potential for severe weather we needed a company that without any questions could handle the job and give us the results needed. Dianne Kehler, along with her team at Remedic's Restoration, exceeded all our expectations. Nearly all during our project the weather threw us a curve ball, but Remedic's Restoration was there, in the game 100 percent, all the way till the end of the project. Without them it would have be very difficult, if not impossible to complete the challenge in the time allotted,” said Bryon Courter, Vice President of Production, M/I Homes of Central Ohio, LLC.

“It was an amazing opportunity. We worked straight from Tuesday morning through Friday night to finish the project,” said Kehler, “but in the end it was worth the time and effort to get the job done quickly and to get it done right. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to do this for someone.”

The house was built in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, and unfortunately the cold weather and rain threatened to cause major setbacks for the building team. Once the concrete slab for the basement was poured, the builder realized they were going to loose the slab due to cold temperatures and rain. Kehler was asked if she could dry the slab and with the SSI certification and local firm Munters Moisture Controls Services provided heating equipment and they were able to save the slab.

For additional assistance drying the structure and all components, in such a short amount of time, Kehler called on IICRC Certified Firm Buckeye Carpet Cleaning and another local business, Munters Moisture Control Services. Both enthusiastically volunteered their time and equipment and the team was able to complete the drying process on schedule.

“I could not have done this without the training provided by the IICRC and would not have been asked if my company was not an IICRC Certified Firm,” said Ms. Kehler. “Without the IICRC, I would not have the great strategic alliances such as Buckeye and Munters.”

Later, the three companies collaborated to finish structural drying of the frame in short order, a process that normally takes between four and five days. This allowed the home’s insulation to be installed, keeping the build on track for the big reveal.

On Feb. 11, 2007, viewers in more than 69 countries watched as the Thomas family was presented with their new home and the opportunity for a new beginning.

“The experience illustrates that when people come together for a good cause, anything can happen,” said Kehler. “It demonstrates the importance of positive relationships in our business and that when you need them, your partners will be there for you.”

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