For more than 50 years, Sto Corp. has been committed to the concept of sustainability and energy efficiency. StoTherm NExT is an integral part of Sto’s commitment to this ideal.

“Many of the “green” programs for both residential and commercial construction recognize plenty of factors that allow a building to use resources wisely,” said Mike O’Neil, product manager for StoTherm at Sto Corp. “The energy efficiency factor allows it to truly meet the sustainable construction criteria. Energy efficiency is the key to being green.”

StoTherm NExT is “an evolutionary new cladding incorporating the best of EIFS design flexibility, color range, great insulation, and light weight, and adds the best moisture protection system.  With industry expertise that is unmatched and proven worldwide, its latest innovation, StoTherm NExT (New Exterior Technology), is the new industry benchmark,” the company said.