The Kett Tool Company is introducing a new family of Kett saws that will cut many types of material up to 1 1/16” thick. The KS-444 and KSV-434 use a pistol grip 5.0 amp 2,500 RPM electric motor, the KS-44AM and KSV-34AM use a D-handle 5.5 amp 1,500 RPM industrial type electric motor and the PS-544 and PSV-534 use a 2,200 RPM 90 PSI pistol grip pneumatic motor.

The KSV-434, KSV-44AM and PSV-534 also come equipped with a vacuum attachment allowing you to hook up your saw to your shop vac or in-plant collection system for dust-free cutting of fiberglass, plastics or hazardous dust-producing materials.