A home is one of the greatest assets most people will ever own, and for a homeowner it can also one of the biggest liabilities. There is virtually no end to the number of things that can damage a home. Mold, smoke, fire, pest, and turbulent weather can wreak havoc on a building's structural integrity and cost quite a bit to repair. For many property owners, ensuring their homes and investment properties can protect their pocketbook from costly repairs is a top priority. But finding a restoration company and a reputable plumber who can work together to fix property damage isn't always easy for property owners. Finding flexible ways to work with your customers while also working closely with other companies is a key to building solid consumer relationships and maintaining a well-known quality business.

One of the most destructive elements to a building is water damage. Around one in fifty homeowners submits a claim for water damage or freezing damage every year. Water pouring out from a ruptured main or seeping from a loose fitting or gasket can destroy the interior of a house. If water damages a home, the homeowner will need to find a plumber and a restoration company that can work with them to find affordable, reliable solutions for the repair work that must be handled.  

What can a plumber do?

Water damage and freezing damage can come in many shapes and sizes. A pipe or fitting that breaks in the summer and is not fixed quickly can feed mold growth, compounding the problems. Pipes that freeze and burst in the winter can cause severe damage to walls and other structural and cosmetic structures. If a toilet begins leaking and isn't caught in time, it can cause any flooring below it to cave in. When homeowners are trying to  contact a licensed plumber, they need a company that can repair the problems including:

  • Leaking and cracked pipes
  • Broken faucets and showerheads
  • Broken gas and sewer lines
  • Clogged toilets
  • Defective gaskets and fittings
  • Toilet seals

In many cases, though, the damage doesn't stop with a pipe breaking. It causes far more structural issues with the home that isn't the forte of the average plumber. If your company does not handle all aspects of water damage restoration, it’s a good idea to partner with those companies and work together to offer referrals so your customers can have the services they need but also to help you build business relationships with other companies in the local area.   

What can a restoration company do to fix property damage?

As you may already know, a general plumber is different from a property restoration company that specializes in fixing water damage issues. For those who question the job qualifications of each, the most significant difference between these two professionals is the extent of the damage and the seriousness of the situation. Typical plumbing issues, such as a leaking toilet seal or a clogged pipe can be fixed within a few hours. But mold remediation, damaged drywall, or problems with a flooded basement can be more challenging to remedy and take much longer to fix. These types of issues are things a restorer would handle. Being clear upfront with customers on the types of services you can provide will help ensure your professional relationship remains solid.  

How can plumbers and restoration companies work together?

A lot of water pipes are hidden behind walls, inside ceilings, or found running underneath the floorboards of a home. When interior pipes break, it may not be easy to access the problem area. What might need to happen first is someone will need to tear out part of the walls, ceilings, or floors before a licensed plumber can begin repairing the broken pipe. While it's possible for a homeowner to tear out walls and floors themselves, a property restoration company will be more meticulous and careful about removing portions of a building. Most insurance policies will cover part or all the cost to tear down a part of the house to fix a pipe, and cover part or all the costs to repair and replace the damaged structure.

A restoration professional won't necessarily know where the water damage is originating from, either, or how to go about fixing the source of a leak. Likewise, plumbers won't know how to tear out certain parts of the building to access the problem area without causing further cosmetic and structural issues. Having the wrong type of professional work on a serious job could increase the costs of the overall repair for the homeowner. In many cases, the plumber will need to identify the source of the leak, and then the restoration company will need to remove part of the structure so the plumber can have access to the repair site.

Also, finding the leak, tearing out the walls, and then fixing it doesn't necessarily mean the work is finished. The area of the home that was torn away to fix the leak will need to be repaired. A restoration company may need to replace joists, flooring, or entire sections of drywall. After a plumber finishes repairing the source of the damage, the restoration company will then have to restore the integrity and appearance of the home.

These three critical steps to repairing water issues require the skills and expertise of two different professionals - the plumber, and the restorer. At each point in the restoration process, these two entities will have to communicate effectively to fix leaks and restore the home. It's vital that plumbers and restoration companies can work together to repair property damage.

What can property owners do?

If water has damaged a home, it's critical that the homeowner have the leak repaired asap. Leaving the water to do its dirty work can cause severe structural and cosmetic damage to the building. Mold and pests love having access to a steady source of water and moisture, which can cause further issues with a property and that can cause insurance to deny coverage of a claim for water damage. Unaddressed water damage will also decrease the value of a home and can make living in the home potentially dangerous.

For homeowners dealing with water damage, finding a reputable plumbing company to fix the leak is not enough. They will also need to find and contact a reliable property restoration company that can work closely with their plumber. Working together, a plumber and a restorer can quickly fix and restore a home to its former, undamaged glory and protect its market value.