Celebrities live and die by their ability to stay relevant – stay trending. Beyoncé’s Lemonade album is still trending on Twitter weeks after the announcement. Where trends are concerned, that is unheard of, because they come and go in the time it takes you to refresh your browser.
Now, there are some pretty hot topics in the restoration industry today that might not be ranking on Twitter, but they are certainly timely, relevant, and worth some attention. Most of the time, it seems industry trends come by way of innovation. The new thing, the next best thing.
Here are four topics I consider hot or trending in the industry today:
1) Hydroxyl Generators
I recently visited SunGlo Services’ new facility in Novi, Mich. Within their state-of-the art contents restoration line, they have a deodorization room. They have the ability and option to use ozone or hydroxyl in the space, but say they tend to lean toward hydroxyl because it’s effective and doesn’t carry the same health and safety concerns as ozone. 
Every month, R&R’s website gets hundreds of clicks and visits from people doing searches for information on hydroxyl generators and hydroxyl radicals. This past article on the topic consistently ranks in the top three most popular articles every month, despite being a year and a half old.
Michael Pinto revisited the topic for this month’s issue.
2) Mold Illness
This is a topic touched on in January’s cover story, 13 Future Trends in the Restoration Industry. As doctors and the medical community as a whole learn more and more about the impacts mold can have on mold-sensitized people, awareness grows. Illness of any kind, especially something new, has the tendency to become a popular topic. 
While mold illness doesn’t equate to Ebola or smallpox, it can greatly impact those suffering from affected by it. Now, in 2016, restoration contractors should have at least a basic understanding on mold illness, its symptoms, and the impact it could be having on their customers. 
3) Drying with Heat
I know I’ve brought this up before, but I’ll never forget one of my first experiences in the industry was sitting in a room full of restorers arguing about drying. Where should dryers and dehus be placed? What are the optimum angles and space in between each unit? Is more really more effective than less? Are you wasting resources? You know the conversation, right?! {P.S. I just added “dehus” to my Dictionary in Microsoft Word … you know you’re in the industry, when?!}
R&R runs articles frequently on drying with heat. While the basic concepts are the same, there are just so many different variables and such a science behind it. My guess is this will be a subject that will never stop “trending” in this industry.
4) Mobility
Customers and carriers alike expect more and more. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s key to be coordinated, organized, and efficient. Mobility helps you get there. If you’re still using paper filing systems and not embracing all the new innovations in restoration, you will get left behind. The next big step here will be integrating video estimating and inspecting abilities.
What are some topics you think are popular or trending in the restoration industry today?