The mitigation is done, but our restoration job continues. It is interesting to see this process through, as my dear friend ICS columnist Steve Toburen says, "the customer's eyeglasses.”

I was not nearly as upset as my wife by the drone of a dehumidifier in the kitchen of our home that, with our very open floor plan, could be heard 24/7 throughout most of the house. Our master suite was about the only place to take sanctuary from the din.

On top of that, although our kitchen was not completely unusable, this has been an intrusion by albeit quality professionals performing their job duties.

Daily visits for meter readings and adjustments of equipment. Mold remediation and removal of the cabinet under our sink still to be rebuilt. At least the dishwasher has returned to its proper place under the countertop rather than a barricade in the middle of the kitchen.  Not to mention dust that permeates our cabinets and will require cleaning of otherwise clean dishes, pots, pans, etc. that reside in them.

We appreciate the diligent care this crew has taken by placing protective plastic and paper in the traffic ways from our front entry through the kitchen down the steps to our basement and also out to the door to our garage. My wife wants her home back.

Once again, this is a tiny job in comparison to the many losses others experience and are mitigated, remediated and restored by the armies of WDR contractors, and we can only imagine how these feelings of angst must be multiplied by the lack of knowledge or understanding of our industry.

I hope that by sharing our experience you will get a sense of what your customer is dealing with emotionally.