BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC, a leading national property restoration company in the U.S., recently completed a partnership with the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a custom executive leadership program called “Building Growth Focused Leadership.” This groundbreaking initiative, designed to sharpen the strategic acumen and enhance the leadership capabilities of its participants, underscores BluSky’s commitment to investing in its people and nurturing future leaders.

The program, which spanned over five months and included senior leaders from all areas of the company, combined high-impact workshops with action learning projects, providing participants with real-world applications of their learning. The curriculum was tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities within our industry, focusing on strategic alignment, authentic leadership, and operational excellence.

The classroom experience was offered in three segments: Building a Strategic Mindset, Understanding Value Creation, and Enhancing Leadership Capabilities. The classroom experience and the Action Learning Projects have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, with many highlighting the practical knowledge and insights gained, as well as the opportunity to apply these in a supportive, real-world context. The program not only equipped them with advanced skills but also fostered an environment of collaboration and innovation.

“The success of this program marks a significant milestone in our journey towards cultivating a robust leadership pipeline,” said Simone Kelly, vice president of leadership development at BluSky. “We are committed to providing our team with the best tools and opportunities to succeed. The partnership with Wharton, one of the leading institutions in executive education, reflects our dedication to enhancing the leadership skills that will drive our company forward.”

“Our investment in this program demonstrates our belief in the transformative power of education and development,” stated BluSky CEO Kent Stemper. “The personal and professional growth we’ve seen in our employees is a testament to the quality and impact of the leadership training provided through this initiative.”

Plans are already underway to integrate the insights and strategies developed into everyday practices across the company.