First Onsite Property Restoration has entered into a partnership with Alert Labs, a provider of solutions for real-time water usage monitoring, flood detection, and analytics. The partnership will help First Onsite’s Canadian commercial clients proactively minimize water damage, reducing emergency repairs and disruptions to building services while improving water conservation efforts.

“Property damage caused by water related events accounts for nearly 70 per cent of First Onsite’s emergency responses,” said Dave Demos, CEO, Canada and Global Client Solutions for First Onsite Property Restoration.

“With this partnership, we can offer property managers, building owners, insurance companies, and other clients solutions to reduce risk and improve water efficiency.”

Alter Labs’ AlertAQ water intelligence platform and cellular-connected sensors provide minute-by-minute water use insights and 24/7 emergency alerts. Its Floodie flood sensor is a small puck-like leak detection product that sends alerts when the sensor encounters water.

For areas or buildings that are sensitive to humidity and fluctuating temperatures, the Humie humidity sensor gains real-time visibility and sends alerts if conditions change beyond acceptable levels.

The Flowie-O water flow sensor uploads minute-by-minute water use data to the AlertAQ platform to identify water consumption patterns, including unusual water use. With the Shuttie automatic water shut-off valve, water lines can be shut off remotely to stop water flow before bigger issues occur.