Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Inc., released the FLIR VS80 high-performance videoscope series. This professional inspection tool provides solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

The VS80 is outfitted with a 1024 × 600 high definition seven-inch touchscreen display. It is available for purchase in seven different kits with the option to purchase waterproof, ultra-slim probes that can be swapped in and out. Probe options include a 4.5 mm diameter two-way articulating probe; a four-way articulating probe; a plumbing spool probe with a 25-meter cable; single HD and dual HD visible camera probes; a standard definition probe; and a general-purpose thermal camera probe.

“The new FLIR VS80 meets all these needs while providing an impressive range of diagnostic versatility across the visible and infrared imaging spectrums,” said Rob Milner, business development director for Teledyne FLIR. “Professionals are better equipped to find hidden dangers and damage in locations that are difficult or inaccessible. In total, the VS80 provides inspection and repair personnel the ability to lower maintenance costs and the capital costs of replacement while improving productivity and safety on the job.”

Teledyne FLIR offers live reference image comparison on the display screen to make historical or standard image comparisons easier. Inspectors add a side-by-side reference image with the live videoscope imagery. They can then compare the imagery to see if a component has changed since previous inspection, or if it needs repair or replacement.

The information can also be added to a post-inspection report with multiple options for inspectors to capture detailed information, including through text, voice, images, and videos recorded with timestamp display.

The device is also compatible with the FLIR Tools Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. Users view saved images and video captured from the VS80 from a mobile device, download files, and share them with customers or colleagues.