The threat of bioterrorism has evolved for many from unthinkable to quite possible over the past several decades. The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine reinforces the need to face the dangers of bioterrorism head-on and prepare to respond, should such an unfortunate scenario play out. 

So, what exactly is bioterrorism, and what does this all have to do with cleaning and restoration? Bioterrorism expert Dr. George Buck, Jeff Jones of the Microbial Warrior Experience, Jim Thompson of Jim Thompson & Co., and Larry Cooper of Experience events join us for a panel discussion on the role of cleaning and restoration pros in bioterrorism response in this Ask the Expert episode. 

The intersection of this industry and bioterrorism also happens to be the focus of two back-to-back keynote presentations taking place at the 2022 Experience Conference & Exhibition, April 6-8 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati. 

Two of our guests, Dr. George Buck and Jeff Jones, will be the keynote presenters. Dr. Buck’s keynote is titled “What in the World? The Unpredictability of Terrorism.” It will be followed by Jeff Jones’ keynote titled, “Microbial Warfare 101.” 

“What we need are more skilled, trained operators that understand protocol and procedures,” Jeff Jones says. 

This episode covers:

  • A brief history on bioterrorism and what it is
  • How and why bioterrorism came to be the focus of two keynote addresses
  • The systems and products in existence, able to handle a bioterrorism situation
  • The important role of getting more cleaning and restoration pros trained as forensic operators
  • Old versus new approaches for responding to bioterrorism
  • Contractor safety
  • The five bio-risk levels defined
  • Opportunity areas for industry standards related to bioterrorism response
  • Action planning and preparing for worst-case scenarios
  • What lies ahead as far as events of the unknown, including natural and man-made threats 

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