Gordy Powell is co-owner and senior partner of Georgia Clean and Associates, and co-founder and president of the Georgia Bio Recovery Association. A steward for education, ethics and advancement in bio-recovery, crime, trauma and death-scene cleaning, Powell has been practicing in this space since 1996. He is co-author of the Georgia bill that was signed into law August 4, 2020, officially regulating the crime, trauma and death-scene cleaning industry in Georgia. 

In this episode of Ask the Expert, Powell discusses the Georgia Bio Recovery Association he co-founded in 2020; co-authoring Georgia House Bill 417; and Invoicing for Trauma, a new course he is offering for the first time on March 4, 2022.

This episode covers:

  • Powell’s path to forensic restoration, which started as a department store detective 
  • What the Georgia Bio Recovery Association does and how it came to be
  • Who Georgia House Bill 417 is aimed at and its impact, including penalties
  • The uniqueness of House Bill 417 in being the first of its kind
  • What fueled the new law regulating the crime, trauma and death-scene cleaning industry in Georgia, as well as the work that went into co-authoring the bill
  • Updates on the impact of the law nearly a year after it went into effect
  • A preview of Invoicing for Trauma, the new course Powell is offering, from what it will cover, to its intended audience, to the story behind it
  • Powell’s advice to forensic restoration newcomers 
  • The value of in-person training
  • A teaser of exciting news Powell expects to share with the industry in early 2022 

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