R&R Editor-in-Chief Michelle Blevins spent some time catching up with The Restoration Lawyer, Ed Cross. These days, he has another official title, The Restoration Advocate, after being hired by the Restoration Industry Association's Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee to advocate for a more equal and level playing field for restoration contractors. 

Since its creation in early 2019, the AGA has made major strides on behalf of restorers. It is so important to realize that today's RIA is not the RIA of the past. The AGA has true momentum, and is not going anywhere. Likewise, there have been big strides in educational offerings through the RIA and other resources to their members. 

In this conversation, Ed discusses:

  1. The background of the AGA.
  2. The three biggest achievements of the AGA in 2020.
  3. A recent uptick in involvement from larger industry players - including both large restoration companies and carriers/TPAs - in the AGA discussion and movement.
  4. AGA position papers and why these are so important for restorers to have and use.
  5. The main goal of the AGA in 2021.
  6. How to get involved.