American Technologies, Inc., better known as ATI, is stepping up their game when it comes to sustainable restoration and remediation services!

WHAT: The first in the restoration and remediation industry to do so, American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) co-branded with world recognized manufacturer of botanical antimicrobial cleaning products, Benefect, to provide environmentally safe, eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products. ATI rolled out the Impact Cleaner, ATI Multi-Purpose Cleaner, ATI Atomic Degreaser and Decon 30 that are plant, not synthetic, based cleansers. These disinfectants do not require any human or environmental health warning labels.  

WHEN:  Cleansers were in all ATI offices by July, 2019

WHERE:  Nationwide, at all ATI job sites

WHY:  Using thyme oil as a primary ingredient, these cleansers kill germs with no compromise in strength, keeping our ecosystem and bodies free of hazardous toxins.