Protimeter is pleased to announce the release of its newest moisture measurement product – The Protimeter Hygromaster L is a simple to use thermo-hygrometer with market-leading fast response and accuracy.

The Hygromaster L features an intuitive interface and displays relative humidity temperature, dew point and specific humidity (GPP, g/kg).

It also has a removable and replaceable fast responding humidity sensor and can also be used with the Protimeter Hygrostick for high moisture applications, such as concrete floor in situ testing.

Chris Ranwell, Global Director of Product Management at Protimeter, says, “The new Hygromaster L is unrivaled for performance and cost. Customers will save significant cost and time not having to wait for humidity and temperature equilibrium associated with other lower cost hygrometers.”

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For over 60 years, Protimeter has been designing and manufacturing moisture measurement products for the building, construction and agricultural industries. Protimeter leads the global market with design, innovation, performance and integrity.

Protimeter is a brand of Amphenol Advanced Sensors, which is part of the Amphenol Corporation, based in Wallingford, CT.