The lack of a consistent photo documentation standard was one of the first issues identified by attendees more than two years ago at the Property Insurance and Restoration Conference (PIRC). Contractors and insurance companies alike need complete photographic documentation for work scope, managing liability, claims settlement and to protect policy holders. At the recent PIRC held February 11 in Salt Lake City, Utah the verbiage for the document met approval from the body.

Since the early meetings, the PIRC Definitions Committee, comprised of a variety of industry participants from multiple segments, has taken on the challenge of creating a standard that would serve all segments of the property restoration industry. With an open comment period for the draft language, numerous stakeholders shared suggestions and comments to improve the draft language.

The entire draft is available on the Definitions Committee page of the PIRC website and will be up for discussion to approve the finalized Photo Documentation standard at the next PIRC meeting, slated to be held in Frisco, Texas on June 27, 2019. Comments or suggestions can be sent to the PIRC office for the committee review.

“The Definitions Committee has put a lot of sweat equity into this draft for the industry,” said PIRC Organizer Jordan Hendler. “They’ve been very happy with the reception by our participants and now are looking for additional industry feedback to make this what bridges the gap for those in the field.”

Along with the Definitions Committee, the PIRC – CIECA Data Standards committee presented their ideas on creating an electronic message standard format to make information flow easier from one segment of the industry to another, and between various systems. The committee got great support from all aspects of the industry and will be working to create a standard that will reduce administrative issues for all.

A new discussion was also held about better ways to recruit qualified candidates into the industry. This discussion came just before the Background Screening Committee presentation on creating an industry wide standard for a background check system that protects consumers and allows qualified people to work. Also, part of the discussion was the ability for the users to protect employee information.

If you are interested in participating in any of these discussions or looking at the draft material these committees have produced, please visit the PIRC website at