General Training Session

The general training sessions are like a “boot camp” for new members, and a re-fresher course for returning members. Attendees learn the full More Floods program, which includes extensive operations and marketing (plumber, insurance agent, contractors, etc.) systems. The end goal is to learn the full More Floods systems and hit the ground running when they return home, which in return will mean they scale their water damage business and get more work coming in.

Participants did receive certificates of completion and got to enjoy world-famous Kansas City BBQ.

Marketing Rep & Continuing Education Instructor Training

Two classes are available for current More Floods members. Over two days of training in Kansas City, members get a full run-down of More Floods' marketing programs that target referring parties to gain more water damage work. They also are able to develop road maps and game plans to take back to their company’s headquarters.

More Floods also advises members how to become certified continuing education instructors to be able to work with insurance agents and gain more water damage work through their customers. These classes are a lot of fun and very interactive, and our members are able to take a LOT of knowledge back to their company.