Dan Murray and Art Johnson are starting an exciting new video series for R&R called "The Best Test." Bottom line, they are here to help you develop your restoration company into one that is the best of the best.

How many of these points below can you add a check mark too? 

  1. The best are optimistic.
  2. The best have a vision.
  3. The best relentlessly pursue excellence.
  4. The best have a life-long habit of personal growth.
  5. The best understand they will be pushed by the competition, and they welcome it!
  6. The best have a quest for leadership.
  7. The best leave a legacy.
  8. The best prioritize and execute.
  9. The best focus on building relationships.
  10. The best make NO excuses.
  11. The best understand that "good" is the enemy of best.
  12. The best dare to DREAM!

Those are all the items Art and Dan will be talking about in this series!

Be sure to check out brand new episodes of Coach's Corner being posted the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month! They will also appear in our weekly eNewsletter. 

Have a question for the coaches? Email Art or Dan!