One of the biggest hurdles when selling a business is the lack of intentional preparation. With a little time, energy and effort, so much value can be added to your business. Why abandon tens of thousands of dollars (or more) at the closing table by not preparing?   
As a broker and consultant for over 15 years, virtually every client has stated in some form, “Sure wish I had started this years ago when it first crossed my mind.”  To you it seems overwhelming… I assure you it is not.  
As a result of this challenge, Exit Strategies 360, Inc. has developed an online workshop series, titled “Preparing My Business For Sale”. Attendees receive a thorough education and guidance covering dozens of critical variables to maximize the value of your business.
If selling is on the horizon and you would like to increase your value, boost your efficiency and profitability, enhance your confidence and peace of mind by getting answers, plus learn from the privacy of your home or office, then this Workshop Series is a must.  Your investment will be returned to you many times over.  
In a second workshop series titled “Selling My Own Business”, attendees are shown how to effectively and comfortably sell their own business. Why you ask? Because brokers charge 8%-10% for their services; after the closing table and taxes, this can easily result in fees in excess of 20% - 30% of your net proceeds Another way had to be created; we’ve done just that. Once a few basics are pointed out, this is not as difficult as you think. Additionally, your savings will be monumental!   
Each workshop series consists of 10 online sessions (60-90 min.), twice per month for 5 months (Aug. - Dec. and Jan. - May).  To learn more, please visit or call us confidentially at 1.800.388.1096.