Professional cleaners now have a another, brand new option for high-performance cleaning when a truckmount isn’t feasible – a new line of VersaClean portables. versaclean
Legend Brands engineers optimized the units’ CFM for better recovery and to operate easily within the limits of 15-amp circuits. VersaClean portables use the best vacuum motor for long-lasting reliability. And they are more compact and balanced, which makes them much easier to move and fit into any van.
The VersaClean lineup includes two 200 PSI models and two 500 PSI models that are ideal for carpet cleaning and an adjustable high pressure unit for multiple surface cleaning called the 1200MS. 
All portable models are being built at the Dri-Eaz plant in Burlington, Wash., long known for being the industry’s quality manufacturing leader.
The units incorporate the high quality Ametek Lamb 6.6-inch fan diameter dual-stage vacuum motor. This larger vacuum fan provides greater extraction capability for cleaner and drier surfaces. 
A recessed side-mounted control panel helps keep water away from sensitive electrical switches. An integrated hose wrap with carpet wand holder makes for easier transport and set up.
The 1200MS multi-surface cleaning unit offers adjustable pressure plus auto-fill and auto-pumpout functions, making it ideal for continuous cleaning on all surfaces including carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces. 
The 1200MS also includes the industrial-grade General three-piston ceramic reciprocating pump. With proper maintenance, this extended-duty pump does not need rebuilding or replacement for 2000¬3000 hours.
“We’re excited to add this line of portables,” said Bob Kline, VP of Product Management for Legend Brands. “They will dramatically expand business opportunities for our customers.”
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