What do you do when you come across rare or unique specialty items on a job that you have no idea how to handle?

This can happen to the best of us. It is virtually impossible for one person or company to know how to do everything. That is why you need an arsenal of what I call “specialty sub-contractors”in your rolodex.

It is true that an adjuster and a homeowner do not want to deal with multiple contractors, as it can add a lot of stress and complication to a restoration job. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with a contents claim.

However some restoration cleaners make the mistake of trying to handle absolutely everything that may need to be cleaned on a job in house - even if their staff is not equipped to handle it. They don't want the adjuster or homeowner to think they aren't proficient or cannot handle the job, only to wind up ruining something precious to the client and having the job go south in a hurry.

Trust me - any adjuster or homeowner will appreciate you acknowledging that you may need someone with specific expertise when it comes to handling something unique, delicate or rare.

The key is to realize that when you hire a specialty sub-contractor you are still the one responsible for their work. So you need to have very strict criteria in place when choosing which sub to use.

Make sure that the sub has an awesome reputation with their current clients. Also make sure that they do good reputable work with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism. Let them know up front what level of work you expect from them and only use the best in their field at your disposal.

 You want a sub-contractor to make you look good for having used them. This way, you will be the rockstar that handled the job in its entirety, becoming the solution partner for all involved.