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USGPC ( $3.50 per Gallon of Ready-to-Use “HydroKlenz,” a new super-concentrated, safe and nearly odorless cleanser by… Green Performance Chemistry.

Source removal, deodorization, organic stain removal, surface preparation!

The removal of accumulated organic buildup and gross soiling on surfaces is the most important step in R&R processes. HydroKlenz needs no additional boosters, antimicrobials or additives to buy or mix in - everything is in this power-packed product. HydroKlenz’s low cost cannot be competed with. HydroKlenz is guaranteed to help you remain green in your services with G.R.A.S. (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. The environmental compliance keeps working and living environments safe during and after the job for true peace of mind in your proprietary service endeavors. Private labeling available too!

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Anabec Systems

If you are already using our Anabec products, you know the power behind our mold remediation and prevention systems. Anabec has been instrumental in saving thousands upon thousands of building structures from ground zero to Katrina and Sandy. Anabec has been a powerful force in the industry with product systems that address mold, bacteria and viruses.

Our company has been pioneers and the first to: develop a hydrogen peroxide cleaner; develop nanotechnology microbial barriers and a biodegradable deodorizer; provide a corporate warranty program; provide a cost-effective “less is best” chemistry product line; and provide manufacturer to contractor technical and training support 24/7. We welcome your call for any questions at 800-369-8463 or visit us at

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  • Provides long lasting protection on wood from many types of household molds, mildew and algae.
  • Effective on concrete, sheetrock, block and steel.
  • Useful on millwork, decking, wood shingles and more.
  • EPA registered.
  • Successfully tested by ASTM D3273 .
  • For a safe, healthy home use BoraSol-MC.
  • Works very well with BoraSol-WP, a borate for complete wood protection.
  • Inhibits fungal growth with invisible antimicrobial shield.
  • Is easily prepared with water and can be applied by spraying or brushing.
  • Is very economical. It costs as little as $0.01/sq.ft.
  • Recommended for mold and flood remediation, new roughed in construction.

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Mold Solutions

MMR mold stain remover is quickly becoming the industry’s go-to product for fast and effective mold stain removal. Manufactured weekly and shipped daily, MMR provides superior results to competing products that become diluted through product distribution channel lag.  MMR is ideal for porous building materials like OSB, plywood, wall studs, truss, joist, hardiboard, concrete, cinder block, etc.  A spray-on, ready-to-use product – MMR does not require sanding or scrubbing.  The result is impressive results at a fraction of the cost of labor-intensive abrasion techniques.  To order MMR at the low price of $29.99/g, call 708-441-7982 or view our video at     

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Concrobium Pro Restoration Products’ Attic Attack! is a new methodology developed in consultation with industry leaders and consistent with the industry Standard of Care. It uses two innovative liquid technologies that save time and money: Concrobium Mold Stain Remover, a solution that removes mold staining with no scrubbing and no toxic chemicals, and Concrobium Mold Control, a unique, zero-VOC antimicrobial that remediates mold spores and prevents the recurrence of mold. Learn more at