The D-Lead® Paint Test Kit, also available under the brand name Klean-Strip® D-Lead Paint Test Kit, has been approved for use in Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), according to a press release. Wisconsin-certified lead safe renovators and homeowners can now use the D-Lead Paint Test Kit, manufactured by Milwaukee-based ESCA Tech, Inc., to detect lead paint on plaster, drywall, wood and ferrous metal surfaces.

Lead-based paint, though banned for use in homes, may still be found in homes built prior to 1978. To reduce the hazards associated with disturbing lead based paint during renovations, in 2008 the US EPA issued the Renovation, Remodeling and Painting rule. EPA-certified renovators are required to either follow lead-safe work practices, or use an EPA-recognized test kit to document that lead-based paint is not present. The EPA recognized the D-Lead Paint Test Kit in August 2010 for use to determine when lead safe work practices are not required.

 Wisconsin, which enacted additional regulations more stringent than those of EPA, now also recognizes the D-Lead Paint Test Kit. The Wisconsin DHS says D-Lead can be used by certified renovators to determine when lead based paint is not present, or when lead safe work practices are not required.  The recognition can be found on the Wisconsin DHS website at or at