The IICRC Board of Directors met at the end of January to continue the process of revising and refining the organization’s strategic plan. The process started last October at the Certification Council meeting, where input was gathered from more than 100 industry stakeholders including certified registrants, instructors, association representatives and IICRC board members. Input was received in the areas of governance, administration/operations, standards, certification/education, exams, instructors& schools, communications/marketing and international affairs. This information was consolidated and presented to the Board at the recent meetings for further refinement. The new strategic plan will serve as a guideline and road map in moving the institute forward over the next few years.
IICRC recently attended and exhibited at the Surfaces trade show in Las Vegas. The Surfaces show is where manufacturers of flooring materials and accessories each year introduce the latest in products and tools. Many IICRC-certified cleaners, restorers and inspectors attended Surfaces, and many stopped by the IICRC display to sign in for continuing education credits available for attending this industry event. 
IICRC Chairman Darrell Paulson continues his efforts to build strong relationships with other industry organizations with similar purpose and thinking. IICRC is establishing memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with industry-related groups with the goal of building cooperation and synergy within the industry.
The IICRC Mold Removal Specialist Certification exam has completed the development and beta phase, approved by the Board of Directors and is now available for interested parties to complete and become certified. For information about this specialized mold removal and remediation certification, visit the IICRC web site , select the “Education & Certification” tab and choose the “Exam-only Certification” option from the drop down menu.
Two IICRC standards, the IICRC S-600 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Installation and the IICRC S800 Standard and Reference Guide for Inspection Textile Floor Coverings, are currently open for public review and comment. The review will be open until March 11, 2013. Anyone wishing to participate in this review should contact the IICRC Standards Director, Mili Washington at
IICRC Certification continues to be recognized and recommended by name by many major insurance companies, flooring manufacturers and industry trade groups as the premier credentialing program for the restoration, cleaning and inspection industry. Anyone interested in attending IICRC-approved training classes and/or achieving IICRC Certification can locate available classes by going to the IICRC web site,, selecting the “Education & Certification” tab and choosing the “Course Descriptions/Schedule” option. There, you will find descriptions of the different approved classes and a full searchable list of when and where the training is available. Over 27,000 professionals attend IICRC-approved training classes and submit the IICRC standardized exams for processing each year. Certification categories include water damage restoration, applied structural drying, fire and smoke restoration, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more.